The Name of Google’s New Programming Language Is Carbon

The Name of Google’s New Programming Language Is Carbon

Carbon is a brand-new programming language created by Google engineers. It is a language that is open to experimentation and might replace the C++ programming language. On July 19, 2022, in Toronto, during the CPP North conference, Google developer Chandler Carruth introduced the language.

C++ programming language

Since Rust is still in its very early stages of development and is exceedingly difficult for consumers to understand, C++ presently lacks a replacement language. Thus, it is challenging to refer to Rust as a successor. Everyone is aware of Google’s fixation on releasing new programming languages and developing new frameworks. Dart is the web-based programming language that Google introduced as one of their programming languages.

The popularity of the programming language GO among developers is pretty astounding. GO or GoLang was explicitly written and statically typed. It was an all-purpose programming language, much like the C computer language.

Currently, Google is getting ready to introduce a new programming language called Carbon. A new programming language called Carbon is now about to be released by Google.

Key characteristics of carbon:

  • Checked definitions for the contemporary generic system are provided by Carbon.
  • Code that is simple to develop and read will receive most of Carbon’s attention.
  • In terms of development, the language will also be quick and flexible.
  • All hardware architectures, environments, and operating systems are supported by the language.

Launch of the Carbon programming language

A recent event called CPP North Event 2022 brought together several people to talk about potential C++ advances in the future. As a result, Chandler Carruth, a Googler, unveiled Carbon, a new programming language.

A possible replacement for the C++ programming language, the carbon programming language was introduced as an experimental language. The technical head for Google’s programming language, Chandler Carruth, also informed us that they will begin this exploratory work with the C++ community.

Currut intends to construct Carbon in a setting that is more democratic and community-driven. The project will receive GitHub assistance and Discord discussion.

Despite the fact that Google first funded Carbon, the development team aims to limit donations from Google and other specific companies to less than 50% by the end of the year. In the end, they intend to hand the project over to an independent software foundation, whose volunteers will oversee its progress.

By the end of the year, the primary functioning version (“0.1”) will be released, according to the creators. Modern programming practices will be used to build Carbon, including a shared framework that does not require code to be checked and rechecked for each instance.

Build up

As is well known, C++ is C’s successor. The JavaScript successor is TypeScript. The replacement for Objective C is Swift. Java’s successor is kotlin. But who is C++’s replacement?

Has it rusted? Yes, Rust is essentially the replacement for C++, however, it is still in its very early stages of development and is quite challenging for consumers to understand.  Therefore, it is premature to refer to Rust as C++’s successor and it will be challenging for Rust to replace such a robust language.

Carbon Programming Language’s objectives

Carbon could be the next step in the evolution of software and computer languages. Code that is simple to develop and read will receive most of Carbon’s attention. Additionally, it will feature an enhanced testing system for complex sorts of code that is realistically safe.

Carbon Programming Language Syntax
Carbon Programming Language Syntax

Last but not least, we are interested in seeing how C++’s replacement will address its shortcomings. The event also referred to its C++ and Golang underpinnings. It is only in the experimental stage right now, but soon it will enter the beta stage and be released.  On its official GitHub page, Carbon is an open-source project where you may learn more and participate.


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