Pension of Police Martyrs’ Heirs Increased By Four Times

Pension of Police Martyrs’ Heirs Increased By Four Times

The families of police martyrs would have their pensions boosted by four times, and their children will be able to attend top-tier universities for free, according to Punjab Chief Minister Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi.

He said the announcements he made for the welfare of the staff during his last visit to the police lines 18 years ago had not been implemented by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, who had succeeded him as the chief minister, during a meeting and lunch with the families on the Police Martyrs Day observed on Thursday.

The chief minister also promised a significant increase in the pension for the families of martyrs and possibilities for free education at prestigious schools. In addition, risk allowance will be granted to police officers from the rank of constable to the inspector general. On the other hand, he stated that the women cops will receive a different bundle.

Chief Minister Promised Monetary Package

To execute the announcements made by the chief minister on Police Martyrs Day, a follow-up meeting has been scheduled for next week. On Eid, he added, a special monetary package will also be provided to the martyrs’ families.

Chief Minister Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi
Chief Minister Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi

He emphasized, “I understand the anguish of these families and will not let the loss of resources for the police,” and said that the police should also work to maintain the reputation of their institution.

Speaking to the media, the CM said that the families of martyrs will receive a doubled pension as well as free education for their kids. In addition, he declared that the police risk allowance would be reinstated and that all arrears owed to officials from the rank of constable to IGP would be paid.

Police Uniform

The chief minister said that seven uniforms will be given to the traffic wardens since only providing them with one would be unfair. The wardens’ salary will also be reinstated

Additionally, he requested that the IGP focus on enhancing the police uniform. When the police uniforms were changed from black and khaki to olive green, Mushtaq Sukhera was the IG of Punjab. The outfit, it is said, was made by Nishat Mills. He insisted that the goal of traffic enforcement was to enhance traffic discipline, not only levy fines.

He said that 150 patrolling police positions would be reinstated throughout Punjab, and the force would receive new cars. The chief minister promised that the police hospitals would be upgraded and would offer free medications. The chief minister claimed that gatherings of former IGPs to discuss police reforms were a waste of time.

The public will soon witness the benefits of comprehensive policy changes, he claimed. Speaking about the significance of the day, the CM noted that by giving their life, the police martyrs safeguarded the protection of the populace. He emphasized that the duty to assist the martyrs’ families will be carried out. The procedure for registering complaints is being improved by legislation, and filing a fraudulent FIR will result in penalties. The monitoring department at the divisional level’s FIR record will aid in evaluating the performance of the police.

In a statement released to celebrate the anniversary, the chief minister paid respect to police martyrs and stated that by giving their lives in order to safeguard the public, they had written a new chapter in the history of selfless courage. He offered the support of his administration to the families of police martyrs.


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