Justin Bieber is Exhibiting Indications of Recovery

Justin Bieber is Exhibiting Indications of Recovery

(Ramsay Hunt Syndrome paralyzed half of Singer’s face)

According to a specialist who specializes in facial paralysis, Canadian pop artist Justin Bieber is showing early indications of recovery after being diagnosed with a virus that paralyzed half of his face.

In an Instagram video, Bieber revealed that he has Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which impacts nerves in his ear and face. His right eye was not blinking, he noticed.

According to Charles Nduka, consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon in the United Kingdom and co-founder of the health charity Facial Palsy UK, about 75 percent of individuals with the illness who undergo early therapy, such as steroids and antivirals, achieve a full recovery, according to the United Kingdom’s

Nduka to Reuters

“I did observe in Mr. Bieber’s video that he seemed to have some indications of recovery, which is positive,” Nduka said to Reuters.

“One of the most evident aspects of facial paralysis is that patients are unable to fully close their eyes to blink and smile,” Nduka explained.

Justin Bieber facial paralysis
Justin Bieber’s facial paralysis

“Before the grin returns, the first thing that will happen is that the face will become progressively symmetrical at rest.” As a result, the base of the nose rises slightly, and the mouth becomes more even. I saw some evidence of early recovery in the video that was published. “

What did Bieber Announce?

Bieber, 28, has announced that he will be unable to perform at his next concerts due to medical limitations.

Nduka works with patients in the entertainment industry and believes it is critical that they address any immune system issues before returning to work.

“They’ll be under financial and other demands to go back out there as quickly as possible,” he added, “but it will just result in longer-term difficulties.”


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