In Rawalpindi 23 illegal LPG and Fuel Stations have been Shut Down

In Rawalpindi 23 illegal LPG and Fuel Stations have been Shut Down

(Cylinders and refilling devices are seized by authorities)

Across Rawalpindi, Civil Defence troops have launched a large operation against illicit liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and fuel companies.

Civil Defense troops raided 17 illegal LPG distribution centers and seized all gas-filling apparatus, machinery, and cylinders.

On Chakri Road, six illegal petroleum agencies and one illegal petrol pump were also shut down. Five people were injured in a cylinder explosion at Farid Gas Agency on Bismillahabad Misriyal Road the other day, prompting the raids.

Civil Defence officer Sadaf Zahoor’s statements

The unlawful cylinder agency where the blast occurred has been shut, according to Civil Defense officer Sadaf Zahoor, and a lawsuit has been filed against the owner.

Other unlicensed LPG outlets in Bismillahbad, Chakri Road, Bakra Mandi, Dhok Syedan, and Range Road, he claimed, had also been shut down.

The daily operation against illegal fuel and cylinder gas companies, businesses, and illegal petrol pumps, according to Zahoor, would continue. He added the operation will begin in other tehsils of the district on Monday.

The Civil Defense Department has made it illegal to decant LPG cylinders in the district’s metropolitan districts. All licensed and unlicensed gas filling, including gas filling in agencies and stores is covered by the ruling.

What official statistics indicated?

According to official data, the district has roughly 138 licensed gas filling stations, with up to 746 unlicensed gas filling stations operating unlawfully.

These open arsenal depots are mostly found at Kashmiri Bazaar, Dhoke Ratta, Ratta Amral, Dhoke Hassu, Gawalmandi, Pirwadhai Bangash Colony, Pirwadhai Road, Adyala Road, Dhamial Road, Rehmatabad, and Dhoke Elahi Baksh, among other places.

In enormous gas cylinders, even a slight error might result in significant harm.

It has been asked to shift filling agencies out of urban areas in a letter written to the management of several municipal authorities in the district, including Rawalpindi Municipal Corporation, Rawalpindi Cantonment Board, Chaklala Cantonment Board, and District Council.


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